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Find out which Hogwarts House YOU belong in!
Welcome to Hogwarts Stamping Hat!

Always wondered which House you'd be in if you were at Hogwarts? Ditch the many online quizzes for the most thorough analysis of your personality, to get your true house.

The Rules of this Establishment
1) Remember to answer the questions fully, with details and reasons included. We need this to draw our conclusions from.
2) Please make yourself easy to understand - good English and proper sentence structure.
3) Also please answer all questions. With honesty. Make sure the answers reflect you, what you think, and what you would do; rather than how you'd wish to be seen.
4) The application must be put in an LJ cut so it doesn't take up too much space.
So we are sure you have actually read the rules from start to finish, put "Accio Votes" in your House Stamp application subject line. For this months theme stamp, please put 'Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!'. If it says otherwise you will be reminded to read the rules properly.
6) Ideally, you will be stamped up to a week after applying if you have at least 5 votes. This could vary depending on activity levels.
7) Of course, courtesy towards other members is necessary at all times. Bashing the voters and mods if you don't get assigned your desired result will not motivate anyone to rethink their decision. If you do think a wrong decision has been made, simply state your reasons or clarify things without being insulting.
8) It might be an idea to copy and paste the questions into Notepad or Word first so you can come back to it later, if you think it'll take a while to answer.
9) Please vote on some other applications - those votes have got to come from somewhere. You must link to 3-5 you have voted on in your own application.*
10) Continued voting once you've been stamped is very appreciated - Give and take.

*Once somebody has been officially stamped there is no need to vote on their application.

Main Application for House Stamp
This is the main application for the House Stamp. The LJ Cut code is included so post it into HTML at first, then you may fill out using Rich Text. Make sure the answers to the questions are not bold and that you have followed the rules.

Current Theme Application: Hogwarts Professors
This is August's theme application - "Which Hogwarts Professor Are You?". As with the main application: The LJ Cut code is included so post it into HTML at first, then you may fill out using Rich Text. Make sure the answers to the questions are clear and that you have read and followed the rules.
You do not have to have received a House stamp to post this application.

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